Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Smart city to Smart planet

The word “Smart City” is the new in thing in INDIA and across the globe as a strategy to mitigate the problems generated by the urban population growth and rapid urbanization. I would like to highlight the concept smart city understood by me.
It’s not like this concept is very new to our mankind but in the current era of Internet of Things, we have simply defined it in a mechanical way. Our history states the existence of civilization that has built smart cities like Atlantis (present south Spain), Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro (Indus Valley), and Dwarka (Gujarat).
Smart City in the era of IOT enhances its liveability, sustainability and workability by integrating different agencies through ICT (Information Communication Technology) and creation of command Control Centre for smart administration. To explain the system in three simple steps
Step 1: Using sensors and devices, data is collected in real time form systems such as utility management, video surveillance, mobility solutions etc.
Step 2: The collected data is actively communicated through wired and wireless networks to dedicated centres for Processing, Analysing and Reporting.
Step 3: Sophisticated analytical tools are applied on the collected Big Data, which provides relevant information for appropriate monitoring and response.
Based on the exploration of a wide and extensive array of literature from various disciplinary areas we identify eight critical success factors of smart city initiatives

Above factors are the bases of an integrated framework that will be used to examine how local governments are supporting smart city initiatives. The framework suggests directions and agendas for smart city research and practical implications for government professionals.
For India  More than the machines and technological factors getting amalgamated in our daily life rapidly we should also pay attention to development of Civic sense to build a sustainable and smart future contributing to the ultimate goal of Smart planet by 2050.

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